Welcome to Free-living marine Nematoda

The aim of this site is to make available unpublished figures of novel nematode fauna encountered during ecological research at The Natural History Museum, London. The associated ecological data are published or in preparation for publication, and whilst the majority of species are ‘new’ to science the typically high diversity of these nematode assemblages reduces the likelihood of them being formally described. We hope this move will facilitate the greater use of this previously hidden information and encourage similar activity by other research groups.

The NHM London collection comprises material from both research and consultancy projects in numerous localities worldwide, including from deep sea sites in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, hydrothermal vents, whale falls and cold seeps, and intertidal, subtidal and estuarine sites, all of which are rare or unique collections. It is being accessioned into the NHM London Nematode Ecological Collection, databased for remote access on KE Emu and made available online and ultimately for loan.

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